Projects in progress

Our clients are the government, offices, museums, shops, catering establishments with hotels, schools and private sector for whom we make furniture and made-to-measure furniture as well as interior construction. Assignments can be placed both directly and through construction companies.

University of Amsterdam
Location: Fraijlemaborg Amsterdam
Design: Sineth Amsterdam
Total furnishing train seats, service furniture and seating furniture

Apeldoorn police academy
Project: Training centre
Design: Studio Thier Den Haag
Desk furniture


Dell Amstelveen
Client: Coare Amsterdam
Project: Kantoor interieur
Design: Coare Amsterdam
Total furnishing train seats, service furniture and seating furniture

Optiek Hofstede
Project: Shop The Hague
Updates existing store

Pathé Amsterdam
Location: de Munt Amsterdam

Complete new interior entrance, bar, shop, etc.


Christelijk Lyceum Zeist
Client: JP van Eesteren Bouwbedrijf
Design: Eric Wiersema Amsterdam

Library interior

Crematorium Beesd
Design: Stefan Kroezen
Client: Sander van Beemen
Bar furniture with interior

Apartments entrance Houthavens Amsterdam
Architect: Van Dongen - Koschuch and Architects
Client: Era Contour Zoetermeer
Entrance area with walnut frames, corridor floors

Atlant Primary Education

Stadionplein former Citroen Noord building Amsterdam
Architect: Rijnboutt Amsterdam
Client: Bouwinvest Amsterdam
Customized meeting cells, auditorium, counter, coffee table etc.

XAVIER apartment complex on the Zuidas Amsterdam
Architect: Venneman Concept
Client: Waalbouw Vlaardingen
Custom Counter

Blaakhouse office in Rotterdam
Architect: V8 Rotterdam
Client: Savills Building & Project
Custom made sofas

School community Caland 2 Amsterdam
Architect: Atelier Pro The Hague
Client: Hegeman Bouw Nijverdal
Custom made benches, pantries, etc.

ROC Europaboulevard Amsterdam
Architect: VEVS Interior Design Amsterdam
Client: ROC Amsterdam

Christian Lyceum Zeist Phase 2
Architect: Erik Wiersema Amsterdam
Client: JP. van Eesteren Construction company
Library wall cupboards with counter

Multiple projects
Client: Mauritshuis Den Haag

Renovation entrance Town Hall Diemen
Presentation renovation Diemen Town Hall. In a design & build project we will be working in collaboration with 'Andrea Möhn Architects', main contractor for the entrance area next summer. The council chamber of the town hall will be renovated thorougly.

Total interior design of private villa
park Vredespaleis The Hague

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