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Vision and certificates


The material makes the product and the product makes the material
It has always been this way and it will never change.
Whatever product, one can never make it out of a random material.
However, where in the past, due to the limitation and scarcity, it was only possible to use a certain type of material, the range can now be described as considerably wider.

Renew or improve

We keep on searching for innovation.
A search stimulated from improving existing materials or because existing materials simply do not fit the need, demand or objective.
Certain materials also stimulate different ways of thinking and new forms arise.

Fashion, sustainable and Cradle to Cradle

A lesson from the past is that we have not thought carefully about the nature of the materials. Because products are now generally more related to fashion, they have a "fleeting" existence and it is very important that we can speak of reuse. Materials from earlier products often leave something to be desired. However, the new products must be made from a material that can be reused later. In addition, the materials that do not impoverish and have a long service life are also sustainable.


We, as one of the implementing parties, delve deeper into what is available, what has been developed and what can still be improved. Together with the architect, we already advise at the design stage which material can meet the design and / or application requirements. The right material in the right place so that no surprises arise later.

What is now and what is new

Bamboo and rattan

A material that perfectly meets the environmental objective and which enables fantastic shapes. Bamboo has long been known as a sheet material. In the purity of Rotan, however, we have made the organic sofa / workplace for 24H Architects from Rotterdam. After selecting the Rattan stalks by thickness and length, they were soaked for the bending process. The FSC® certified Multiplex shanks have been positioned.

We wanted to apply the guarantee of the rattan in a pure way and quickly came to the core of the rattan itself 'Pitrite'. By using the Pitrite as dowels, this formed a beautiful and honest detail. The connection from Rotan to Rotan consists of a durable stainless steel pin which also makes the sofa / workplace removable.

The end product is ready

The shanks with rattan on top

Solid Surface

Basic form is made in foam on which Corian will be applied later. Design 3TO i.s.m. Ingrid Annokkee

There are now several manufacturers that have brought a Solid Surface material to the market. A material that is wanted by its many possibilities in form and application, but is also durable by its long service life and the possibility of polishing to a new appearance.

Proposal table Scheepvaartmuseum executed in PEFC oak with Solid Surface inlay


Polyester is not new but can be called new in the interior construction application. However, it requires some knowledge. It is a sustainable product that only gets better in use. The lifespan of polyester is very long, which means that replacement by impoverishment hardly ever occurs. The designer is free to sketch. Almost everything can be made. We work in or on the mold, make a unique or serial product and choose a gloss to matte finish. In addition, it is reinforced and lightweight. At the moment, people are going quite far with the reuse of finely ground polyester. The rug of floor covering is an example.

Design: OIII Architecten

Design: EEA Architects 

Design Merkx & Girod


How about felt on the counter and / or cupboard. Soft, warm, colorful, strong and acoustic. We recently made a project with Concern Architects from Amsterdam in which the felt Custom made was applied to the desk elements. A unique feature was that the color of the felt was made from carrot juices. These roots belonged to ZLTO, which is to say the client. Because of this felt application, we are not always tied to one size.

Design: Concern

Design: Concern

Design Merkx & Girod

In short, Materials make the product and the product makes the materials.

Ruud van der Plas


We are as a company as well as executive staff VCA * certified

We are an accredited Corian Processor

We are an authorized HI-MACS processor

We are an accredited training company

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