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Projects are calculated as input in the Proteus project administration system. Units and calculated work are recorded herein. The basis has been laid to be able to make guaranteed planning and purchasing after assignment. Materials and plates are optimized in this calculation, so that failure remains minimal. This to the benefit of few waste, costs and environment.


Before proceeding with work preparation, there is a consultation between the client or user / architect and the VanDerPlas project leader / work planner.

  • Ins and outs are understood and discussed.
  • Bottlenecks and applications are discussed.
  • Requirements for use and aesthetics recorded.
  • Materials translated and sampled.
  • Progress planning and deadline for missing information determined.

Planning and Progress planning

Progress planning appropriate and with common ground in the architectural planning which includes the required work preparation and information flow from all parties to achieve a satisfied end result. Purchasing materials, making and checking working drawings, times, interfaces and progress work on the construction site as well as required production and assembly times are deepened and checked in their progress. In the final planning, we monitor projects through contact on a daily basis. In a weekly meeting the projects are kept on track in consultation with the team and / or with the client.


Possibilities and variations in set-ups in relation to the wishes and flexibility can still be discussed on time.

During the sketching, the image is recorded in the first consultation.

While sketching, the possibilities and image of interfaces with architectural facilities are discussed. More and less work is monitored here and if it arises or threatens to occur, it must be reported.

Principle drawings are, if necessary, made in advance and presented as a study model.

Special hinge is assembled and sampled

Construction and testing in the workshop of the tilting hinges

Production drawings

Drawing takes place before or immediately after surveying and recording construction conditions.

Working drawings with complete material description and measurement data are made and submitted for approval. Adjustments made where necessary and sent to parties.

The 3D drawings are converted to the C&C as a working drawing


Purchases are made from Proteus and the working drawings made in accordance with the progress control schedule.


Computer controlled hacksaw

Products are sawn in the most efficient way on a computer-controlled sawing machine.
The plates are optimized so that waste and failure will be very minimal.
The automatic processing minimizes the lifting load for staff at the service.

C&C Machine

The computer-controlled C&C machine is ready to produce all possible shapes and models with very pure dimensions and tightness.

Extractor installation

The latest development in extraction technology has been applied and provided with a briquette press. Dust development is a thing of the past because the extracted dust is converted into a hard briquette form. Preventive to prevent fire hazard, no dust explosion and better for people and the environment.


Production takes place in our own workshop and is checked by a foreman, with on the basis of progress planning the workplace chef. Daily contact keeps this sharp.


Assembly in The Netherlands and abroad with our own people and transport. Where necessary and in consultation transport takes place outside. In that case, it is determined in advance and production is adjusted in weight and dimensions.


Delivery or interim deliveries are done by the project manager with the client. Through delivery document is recorded after which a possible correction takes place. A second delivery or assessment takes place. After sales and guarantees are among the standards.


A maintenance contract can be concluded for delivered furniture and projects. This is a tailored suit that is discussed with you and offered to you. A maintenance contract will improve the service life and condition of the furniture.