December 2011


The best news

The best news we can tell you is that our order book is fortunately good. The projects that we have received on assignment are diverse and of good quality. The ingredients are distinctive and versatile. Short and clean lines in the organization, a lot of knowledge of our people have been employed for a long time and good contact give an efficient course with the customer. Being competitive in price and still delivering a good product in a pleasant construction process are only possible.


Working in a sustainable way

We are FSC certified as one of the first interior builders. Materials from a responsible origin and sustainable future are the standard. Get rid of the throw-away society.


In progress

Private Sector

The combination of being able to supply and advise freestanding furniture, fabrics and additional accessories together with being able to make custom work and interior construction is and remains unique. All this discussed directly at the table and coordinated in price and quality. The private projects vary from a complete renovation to the creation of a custom furniture. Construction supervision and technical advice included.


Amsterdam City Hall second phase


In progress

A selection of the current projects as mentioned in the section Projects "in progress"

Rotterdam City Hall follow-up phase

Drent's Museum | As a Corian certified company, we will soon upholster this "blob".

Knowledge in the right material choices, making, packaging, documents and transport and placing abroad. We previously worked in Moscow, Burkina Faso, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, London and Santo Domingo.

Schools and the Mono Table

Making furniture for schools in good quality materials.

We look forward to the future with confidence.

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